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Instruments of Hope:
God's Mercy Bestowed to Women of Faith

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Currently publishing through Clear Fork Publishing!

May You Experience God's Unfailing Love...

We live in a noisy world, don't we? But did you know that even in a chaotic world, there is joy, peace, and hope to be found? Those who have been saved by faith in Jesus are instruments of His hope. Those who have been rescued by God’s love are sons and daughters of Mercy. Dear Friend, if you have struggled as I have struggled with feelings of fear and the anxiety, bitterness, and impatience that stems from fear, and if you find it difficult to let go of your dreams, of your desires, of yourself and trust in your King whose plans are always perfect...

The Lord is near. He sees you. He hears you. He weeps when you weep. And He loves you so much. He wants you to surrender your heart to Him so that He can design your life to bring Him glory and so He can fill you with His overflowing joy! If you are a Daughter of Christ, or if you are curious about living a life of walking by faith, or even if you are angry at the very title and description of this book, I pray you will read this Bible study and see the love of Jesus. Journey with me through the lives of eleven women in the Bible of all different ages and personalities, who struggled as we struggle, who surrendered their hearts, who were used by God to fulfill His plans and spread His hope, and whose lives were changed because of the Unfailing Love that found them.

We may live in a noisy world, but Jesus is the calm in the storm. 

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