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Currently publishing through Clear Fork Publishing!

Stolen captives. Silver hands. Deception's spell.

To restore truth, Evergreen and Henry must learn to stand tall amidst the fear coiled around Ezra City, or else remain trapped in the dragon king's lies...

When Henry, a sullen boy, wakes up in another realm with no memories, he is gripped by fear, until a friendly foxglove offers to lead him to the light dwelling within the fruit of the silver tree. There, he retrieves his memories, and with them, heart-wrenching regret. Will Henry find hope as the dragon king's prisoner?

Ten years after the disappearance of her first-grade classmates, Evergreen is haunted by the cold case. Driven by the persistent echoes of a scream for help rattling her mind, she seeks evidence in the cavern where her friends vanished. In the darkness, she's thrust into an enchanted world of wood-carving gnomes, invisible sprites, talking sparrows, and goblin spies hiding in the beguiling forest. Joy swells in her heart when she finds her classmates, until she learns a dragon king's deceptive curse has given them false memories of a life never lived, and it is her task to restore the truth and lead them all in a battle for freedom.

When Evergreen is interrogated by the dragon king's bitter servant, his cold silver hands send shivers through her spine, but she soon realizes he may be the only one who can help her unravel the lies.

Will Evergreen rise up and become the warrior she is called to be?

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